"Let'sgo byTrainMeitetsu version" Official perfect program

Takahashi Shoten 1,365JPY (incl. TAX)

(published on Jan. 27th, 2000)

This is the second guide book I took part in of one of the train-driving game series.
It was a very hard job for me because the workforce was slashed by half compared with the first one.

I don't like Meitetsu so much because it's very confusing... "This is local for Gifu and Shinkani via Inuyama, this train is being converted into express at Jingumae, and then last two cars will be uncoupled and converted into local at Inuyama. Therefore, beyond Inuyama, first four cars are express for Gifu, and last two cars are local for Shinkani. Thank you."


"Let'sgo byTrain64" Official perfect program

Takahashi Shoten 1,155JPY (incl. TAX)

(published on Sept. 8th, 1999)

I took part in publishing this guide book in collaboration with XOR2.

I shouted, shouted, and shouted to the microphone connected with Nintendo 64, that's why XOR2 was very worried about me at that time:-)

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